Workshops and Events


The Consent Project|Fall Semester|October or November

The Consent Project is working to create conversations on campus about consent and how we can communicate and embody consent within our actions and choices, reduce harm on our campus, and establish a culture that listens to, believes, and supports survivors. The event typically includes a new theme each year, interactive booths and a gender inclusive survivor speak out. 

Anniversary Event|Spring Semester|February 

An event to celebrate the amazing consent-centered work students are doing across campus. Some years have had a theme. The event typically includes a DJ, interactive booths, group karaoke, free food, and merch (including a special edition anniversary t-shirt).


To request a workshop, please email Here are a selection of the workshops we offer. We'd be happy to work with you to create a custom workshop tailored to your group. 

Bystander Intervention Workshop, 1-2 hours

Learn ways to create a more consent-centered culture and to intervene and challenge acts of sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. We'll be discussing intervention strategies, consent, and ways to support survivors in this workshop. 

Love KNOWS Boundaries Workshop, 1.5-2hours

Learn ways to support survivors of dating violence, tools for creating healthy relationships, and participate in our Love KNOWS Boundaries campaign. 

Deconstructing Sexualized and Cultural stereotypes in the Media and Redefining our Understandings of Sex, 1.5 hours

We will be discussing the narratives about sex that we grew up, how the media sexualizes people of varying identities and cultures, and how this has impacted us as individuals and and as a society. Through these conversations, we’ll discuss the difficulties and opportunities in talking about sex and sexualized violence in our multiple communities. This space will centralize the experiences and voices of students of color. 

Sexy Communication Workshop, 1-1.5 hours

Learn fun and creative ways to communicate consent! This workshop includes interactive activities and tools for communication. Come as an individual, with your partner(s) and/or friends!