Programs & Campaigns

Students for Violence Prevention (SVP) First Year Learning Community Program

This learning community is a collaboration between CHECK IT, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Humboldt’s Housing and Residence Life. SVP is a first year learning community for students who want to create a culture of consent and engage in violence prevention work. Students in the learning community take classes together, explore shared interests, and participate in social justice activities. We provide the event programming for the community. Check out SVP's website to learn more. 

Greeks CHECK IT Program 

The Greeks CHECK IT program is aimed at creating conversations about ways Greek members can support survivors, address harm in our communities, and be leaders within violence prevention work. We partner with Greek organizations to create custom retreats and materials specific to their Greek organization. If your Greek organization is interested in participating please email

Love KNOWS Boundaries (LKB) Campaign:

The LKB campaign is aimed at educating our campus community about the dynamics and intersections of dating violence; Providing resources to our campus community about healthy relationships and ways to communicate and set and respect boundaries within relationships; Providing our campus community with tools for supporting survivors; Sharing survivor support resources with our campus community. Check out our activities page for LKB specific resources! 

Listen, Believe, Support Survivors Campaign: 

This campaign is aimed at educating our campus community about survivor support resources, ways to support survivors and create a more survivor-centered campus community. In addition, the campaign will work to educate our campus community about the dynamics and intersectons of sexual violence, address myths of sexual violence, and explore the intersections of sexual violence, the diversity of survivors, and the ways people’s multiple identities (and systems of oppression) shape their experiences with harm and their access to resources.