Event Merch

Throwing a party or event?

Contact us for free consent themed party merch (available to Humboldt students only). Email checkit@humboldt.edu for the order link. 

What we offer:

CHECK IT themed bar decorations and drink menu (only available for on campus events), coasters, solo cups, posters, bracelets, buttons, safer sex supplies, and more. 

Why have CHECK IT merch at your party? 

It's a fun and subtle way to spread messages of consent within parties and creatively remind people to intervene when they see an absence of consent, or someone who may be targeted. It helps create community where we look out for one another and have each other's backs. It sends a message that violence will not be tolerated at your parties, in your spaces. It makes clear to those who make a choice to commit an act of harm that it's unacceptable. It can work towards creating a more consent-centered culture. 

Why do we offer party merch? 

Because we believe everyone should have the right to have fun, party, and not experience violence! 

We want to address the prevalence of harm in our party spaces and our passive acceptance of it. We want to create spaces that are more consent centered and community oriented, where people have each others backs and reject any actions that aren’t rooted in respect for other people. 

The overall goal of our movement is to bring this type of cultural change to all spaces in our community but addressing the party scenes specifically is a good place to start, especially as we know from lived experiences that parties are often places where people target and harm others. 

 So, we've created some awesome party merchandise that is FREE! These resources help creatively spread messages of consent and CHECKing IT, and remind people that here at Humboldt, here in our community, here in our party spaces we do not tolerate violence.